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We specialize in working with Kitchen, Bathroom, and Bedroom (KBB) retailers, helping them to boost their sales and grow their businesses through targeted ad campaigns, sales funnels, CRM integration, and expert sales team support.
Leads are generally pulled into the system within hours of new campaign launches (typically within the first £30 spent) and appointments shortly after. Most of our clients begin to see sales start filtering through within the 4-6 week mark (faster for fitted furniture projects).
We've spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on online advertising campaigns for our clients. We've done the research, tried and tested lots of offers, creatives and audiences. We use this extensive experience to create engaging ad creatives and messaging that resonate with your ideal customers, ultimately driving high-quality leads to your business.
You actually get direct access to our full team using Slack. Long gone are the days of funnelling every request through an account manager and not hearing anything back for days. With direct group chat you can ensure your requests are seen and dealt with in a timely manner.
We have a pre-built solution that we can get up and running for you in a matter of hours. This has come as a result of countless hours working with KBB companies to come up with a solution that fits the Sales & Marketing portion of your business.
Absolutely! We can work alongside your existing marketing team to provide additional support, expertise, and resources. Our aim is to collaborate effectively to enhance your current marketing efforts and contribute to your business's overall growth and success by getting paid ads to generate you new projects.
We utilize various key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of our strategies, such as lead generation, conversion rates, appointment bookings, and overall sales growth. We do everything we can to get the best results possible. Regular reports and performance reviews will be provided to ensure that our strategies are meeting your business objectives.
The cost of our services is pre-set and depends on which package you decide to go for. After discussing your requirements and goals, we will provide you with a link that outlines the services and associated costs. Rest assured, all pricing is created around delivering an outstanding return on investment for your business.
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